Erie Shores Humane Society Adoption / Foster Application

Please answer the following questions to help us understand your background and the type of home you will be providing to our animals.The application will be reviewed and an Erie Shores Adoption/Foster Coordinator will contact you regarding the application. Your privacy is important to us. Information you provide on this form will remain confidential.

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Household Information

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* Does anyone in the household have an allergy to animals?
* Does anyone in the household have a fear of animals?
* How would you describe the activity level in your home?
* How many hours a day are you away from home?

PET Information

* Does your home have a fence?

***note - If there is no fence, dogs MUST be on a leash and supervised while outdoors.

*Cats are adopted out as indoor companions only.

* Do you currently have any pets?
* Please provide the breed of your current animals, their ages, and their temperament with other animals:
* Are the animals spayed/neutered and current on vaccines?
* Please provide the name of your current veterinarian or clinic.
* Do you give Erie Shores permission to contact your vet?


Past Pet Information:

* Have you owned a pet in the past?
* Please provide the reason you no longer have the pet(s):
* How long did you have the pet(s) for?
* Have you ever relinquished an animal to a rescue or pound?
* If yes, please specify reason
* Have you ever had a pet run away from home?
* Have you ever had a pet that passed away unrelated to natural causes? Please specify:
* Have you ever needed to declaw a cat in the past?
* Do you understand the financial, psychologicaland the time responsibility of owning a pet?
* Name of the pet you are interested in?
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